Ralls Apple - Sweet/Tart
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Ralls Apple - Sweet/Tart

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RALLS is also known as Ralls Janet, Ralls Genet, Neverfail, and dozens of other names. The connection between Caleb Ralls who owned and lived on 624 acres on Tobacco Row Mountain in Amherst County, Virginia, Thomas Jefferson, and Edmond Genet, the French minister to the United States when Jefferson was secretary of state, remains obscure. Beach notes (in 1905) "First known about this variety is that trees were growing on the farm of M. Caleb Ralls in Amherst county, Virginia, something over a hundred years ago." Medium in size and roundish-oblate in shape, the greenish-yellow skin is flushed, mottled, and streaked with various hues of pink, red and crimson over one-half or more of the surface. Yellow, or russet, and white dots, are conspicuous, and scarfskin may be present on some fruit. The yellowish flesh of this dessert apple has a greenish tinge and is dense, crisp, and tender with a tart-sweet balance of flavor. When cut, the flesh exudes a sweet aroma.

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