Organic Black Peppercorns
Organic Black Peppercorns - 1.25 oz
Cinnamon Tree Organics

Organic Black Peppercorns - 1.25 oz

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"I don't usually think about black pepper as having any flavor. I think 'oh, it's just black pepper,' but this is some REALLY GOOD black pepper!" — Cristin Cooper, Coop's Soups.

  • USDA certified-organic
  • Grown in the central hills of Sri Lanka
  • Naturally dried in the tropical sun


  • Add whole to soups and grains like rice and quinoa as they boil
  • Grind fresh onto salads, pasta, pizza
  • Grind onto fresh fruit like almost-ripe mango, apple, pineapple and melons for a different kind of snack

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