Raw Soft-Set Wildflower Honey, CREAMY, Unprocessed.
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Raw Soft-Set Wildflower Honey, CREAMY, Unprocessed.

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Enjoy our most recent harvest of raw, unprocessed midAtlantic wildflower honey spun from the comb and cold packaged in it's pure & natural state in order to preserve it's health benefits and flavor.

We do not filter, heat or add anything to our honey.  Please note that our raw honey is currently Soft-Set which is a lighter-colored (almost white!) lovely creamy crystallized consistency. 

Raw honey crystallizes at a faster rate than processed honey - our raw honey, when pulled off the hives, is liquid (like in these photos) however, it crystallizes within 1-4 months. If you prefer liquid honey, remove the lid and place the jar in a bowl of very warm water & stir.  The honey will return to a liquid state.

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