Ceylon cinnamon sticks
Single-Origin Ceylon Cinnamon from Sri Lanka
Cinnamon Tree Organics

Single-Origin Ceylon Cinnamon from Sri Lanka

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  • This is the real deal. Ceylon cinnamon sticks are softer and more brittle than cinnamon sticks from your average American grocery store (which is actually known as “cassia”) and is milder in flavor.

  • Package has 5 multi-layered sticks.

    Tastes subtle and naturally sweet.

    • This product is "True" cinnamon (Cinnamomum Verum)
    • Organically grown in Sri Lanka
    • Naturally air dried and rolled by hand 

    Easy to grind in a spice grinder to make fresh cinnamon powder on-demand.


    • Use in curries and soups to elevate the flavors of other spices
    • Break into small pieces to brew as a tea
    • Chew a piece as breath freshener

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