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Cinnamon Tree Organics Chai Masala 1.25Oz
Masala Chai with Famous Ceylon Tea
Cinnamon Tree Organics

Masala Chai with Famous Ceylon Tea

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This is one of Cinnamon Tree Organics’ most popular products. 

  • Made with world-famous Ceylon black tea (compare to “English Breakfast”)
  • Well balanced blend of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, ginger and mace

How to make a cup:

Steep 1 tsp of the blend in one cup of boiling water. Cover and brew for 5 minutes, then add your favorite milk and sweetener.

Big or small?

Our 1.25 oz makes about 12-15 steaming cups of chai and 3.5 oz makes about 35-40 cups. 

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